Jean Davison

I was delighted by your delicious coffee! It is the BEST coffee I have ever had!

Jean Davison - Greensboro, NC

Robyn Miller

Best coffee ever!!! I can’t stand to drink anything else now.

Robyn Miller - WV

Greg Malszecki

After a lifetime of drinking coffee ranging from fine and okay to awful and so-bad-it’s-almost-evil, I have never had a smoother nor more satisfying brew. It’s the harmonic convergence of the six elements – living seeds, mountain breezes, vibrant sunshine, misty rains, work of human hands, and care-full handling. Perfecto!

Greg Malszecki - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Melissa Pursley

My coffee addiction has grown since discovering Finca La Despensa. The dark chocolate mint and espresso are by far my favorites. Now stop reading this review and order some coffee!

Melissa Pursley - Charleston, WV

Rita LeGron

Had a cup of this coffee over the holidays, all I can say is WOW, the best I have ever had. Everyone needs to experience this; my life will never be the same!

Rita LeGron - Castalia, OH

Bob & Juli Johnson

The coffee is fantastic!

Bob & Juli Johnson - Medina, OH

Tim Farmer

So good! Great coffee AND not only supporting a terrific family but also supporting clean water in S.A.

Tim Farmer - Raleigh, NC

Jon & Heather McDonald

Delicious coffee!

Jon & Heather McDonald - Huntsville, AL

Darlin Cruz

I can attest firsthand of the Brown family’s visits to my country of Colombia. I have personally traveled with the Brown Family several times to their farm Finca La Despensa in Supatá, Colombia. During their trips, you can find Justin accompanying the local cafeteros picking the ripe coffee cherries during harvest, Duane surveying the coffee farm and socializing with the local families, and Rachel passing out gifts to the children at the nearby school. The Brown family kindheartedly give back to the surrounding community of Supatá by distributing food to the elderly and sick who have no income. I have also had the opportunity to try all the flavors that you can enjoy from Aroma of the Andes. Each have their own distinct aroma after brewing and exquisite taste which compliment the medium roast coffee. I recommend sweetening your coffee with Colombian panela which is cane sugar to get a true taste of Colombia.

Darlin Cruz - Bogotá, Colombia, South America

Ruth Stroh

All I can say is wow! Coffee is wonderful as usual.

Ruth Stroh - Georgetown, KY

Natasha Brown de Nieto

My husband and I love Aroma of the Andes coffee. It is a great company to buy from, the owners care about a great product from start to finish. We are also the missions organization that receives a portion of the sales. We are thankful for all of you who care to buy this coffee and how it helps a humanitarian cause, we are truly grateful.

Natasha Brown de Nieto - Ocala, FL

Kristin N Lester Bump

Wonderful coffee! Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

Kristin N Lester Bump - Hobe Sound, FL

Lynn Hannah

Enjoyed my sample cup and looking forward to brewing a full pot of Expresso roast!

Lynn Hannah - Edmond, OK

Errol Griebel

I am a big coffee drinker and my favorite thing in the morning is that first cup of coffee to start my day. By far, my favorite coffee comes from Finca La Despensa, especially the espresso roast and blueberry crème. It is important for me that I can taste my coffee and I definitely can in different ways with my “go to” coffee blends, espresso roast and blueberry crème. I find the espresso roast to have a fresh and bold yet smooth taste to it, which is perfectly pleasing to me and the coffee I like to primarily drink during the week. However, I do enjoy switching things up, and that is where my other favorite coffee comes in to play as I have never tasted such a distinct, perfectly flavored coffee as Finca La Despensa’s blueberry crème. It should be noted that flavored coffee is not something I am usually into as I find a lot of flavored coffees to be too overpowering to me, but there is something uniquely special brewing with Finca La Despensa’s blueberry crème. It has a distinct yet subtle blueberry taste that blends so smoothly and naturally with the medium roasted coffee. It is something I especially enjoy to start my day on a Saturday morning.

Errol Griebel - Charleston, WV

Pamela Poston

I love the Dark Chocolate Mint!

Pamela Poston - Somerset, KY

Cristine Watson

This coffee is the smoothest, best tasting coffee we have ever tried. One cup, and my husband and I were hooked. We’ve tried a few flavors, and our current favorites are French Vanilla and the Supatá Blend. All of our orders have arrived in less than a week, usually just 2 or 3 days. With freshness and convenience like this, we don’t need to buy anything else. And we love that we are supporting a WV business.

Cristine Watson - Charleston, WV